• We act with integrity.
  • We are people oriented.
  • We respect our environment.
  • We work as a team.
  • We pursue excellence.
  • For us, every Project is a challenge we are passionate about.


Commitment, Guarantee and Quality

GRUPO MYRAMAR has become a benchmark for quality and service in all its activities. The Group´s philosophy in the area of real estate development has let it to be one of the few companies in the sector that does not subcontract the construction activity, carrying it out directly. Our objective is to control the final quality of the product, supervising and executing each of the phases of the construction process.

MYRAMAR was one of the first companies to have its own Warranty Team to provide a comprehensive after-sales service and to offer the ten-year warranty before it was established by law.



Our main value: Our commitment to our clients; Myramar´s essential objective is to offer a final product that meets the deadlines and quality requirements: the quality specifications report is of a contractual nature, which positions us, as one of the most efficient and rigorous construction companies in the market.



Our homes are built by our Construction Division under our supervision, ensuring the final quality of the product. Before being delivered to our clients, the houses are checked and audited until the final approval with zero defects is obtained. We have a Warranty Department that takes care of the after-sales details and the needs of our customers.



We control the quality of each Building, from the initial design phase, in which we project in accordance with following the current Building regulations, up to the stage of delivery to the owner. During the construction work, an exhaustive execution control is carried out, which follows a faithful compliance with the technical specifications, with the aim of ensuring the overall quality of the project.